The Dark Side Of Parenting

I just realised that the title ‘Dark Side Of Parenting’ sounds like it could be a spin-off Star Wars film. Darth Vader trying to find his son and the struggles he encounters. However it’s actually about the fact we can’t sleep at night.

We suspect that Freddie is Dairy intolerant as well as having acid reflux. He often has a painful tummy, poor little guy. The reflux stops him from sleeping on his back so we need to stay awake in the dark to make sure he doesn’t end up with a face full of mattress which he does a lot. The last thing we want is for him to end up suffocating himself while we all sleep. If he did I wouldn’t know what to do or how to feel.

Anyway enough of the over-protective depressing crap. I am going to let you know what I end up doing while I am awake keeping an eye on him. Jen and I sleep in shifts to ensure he is watched 24/7. When it’s my turn to keep an eye on him I like to settle him down to sleep and sit back in my pyjamas, kick off my slippers, grab a bag of sweets and watch a film in a dark room.

I have watched a lot of films since Fred has been born and I am starting to lose focus. If I have the energy I like to try and catch up on a little housework. Obviously I periodically check on Fred to make sure he is okay. I tend to do all the little jobs that give you that feel good feeling. I make sure I have tidied away all the toys and odd bits and bobs, grab my mop and use it sweep the floor before actually mopping it. Quick coffee break because coffee is the best drink in the world. It helps to keep me awake and active! It tastes lush too.

Probably watch a bit of TV like QI or mock the week. I love a good comedy show. Mock the week has got to be my favourite at the moment especially the ones where Hugh Dennis provides the voice over for the clips of the royal family.

I bet this has turned out to be nothing like you were expecting. So here is a picture to make you smile. Well done if you read this far.

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