Dads Can Look Cool Too With Shaper

I never used to like styling my hair. The gels, wax and putty stuff you can get always felt heavy on my hair, made it crispy and rock hard. Shaper is different, very different. Not only does it smell nice but it’s more like a cream.

Before Shaper:
Before Shaper.
Bad hair life!

As you can see from the picture my hair is a mess! It’s always a mess. I haven’t used any styling product in my hair for years. Just let it fall how it wants to was my outlook. My boring hair and I have no sense of style or fashion. I must be a dad!

I must say it’s amazing that my wife has stayed with me with hair this bad. The more I think about it, the more I realise how bad my hair has been. Not any more!

With Shaper:
With Shaper
A few spikes. I couldn’t be a stylist.

Looking at this picture you can see my hair isn’t the same, I have something in my hair. That something is Shaper from Structure. You can also tell I have no imagination or talent when it comes to styling hair.

With Shaper in my hair it doesn’t feel like there is anything on it while others feel heavy and horrible. That’s a big thumbs up from me.

As a result of using this product I will be styling my hair more often. In addition this should also help me get better at styling my hair so I won’t be this bad for long.

I would highly recommend Shaper over any other product I have tried. In comparison (For me at least) the Shaper is lighter and easy to work with and you re-style your hair throughout the day if you wanted.

Finally I would like to say that even though the stereotype for dads fashion isn’t that great, Dads can look cool too and why not!

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