Cut The Crap! That’s My Little Girl

I have a little girl who is 2 and a half years old and she has had everything pink and girly from the moment she was born. That is what you would normally do right?

We have been brought up in a culture where pink is “girly” which relates to girls so it makes sence to get those sorts of things if you have a girl.

Now that she is a bit older and actually understands what she wants we do our best to accommodate her wants and needs (within reason) For instance she loves dinosaurs and the Avengers! I think this is amazing but the looks you get off some people when you’re out and about makes me laugh. You can see them thinking “Shes a girl Why is she wearing boys clothes or dressed as The Hulk?!”

This girl is a fantastic Hulk
This girl makes a great Hulk!

My answer would be that she is a person and knows what she likes so we let her decide what she wants to play with and what she wants to wear. If she likes boys clothes so what! It’s not going to harm her either physically or mentally if she likes and uses boys clothes/toys. I don’t know why people still feel like they need to force their children to dress a certain way or play with certain toys just to conform. It’s good to be different, it makes you stand out. It gives you something to talk about.

Sophia now has a chest filled with dress up clothes, most of which are the avengers from Marvel. She has a few dresses too but she would much rather be Batman than Belle. She does also have access to and still plays with girls toys but she doesn’t find them as exciting. To be completely honest I don’t think there is enough variety when it comes to girls toys as they all seem to be the same thing really and most of it is sexist. Girls get a cute little kitchen or vacuum and a boy gets a work bench or a science kit.

I’m sorry about the rant. I hope you’re all having a great day ?.

4 thoughts on “Cut The Crap! That’s My Little Girl

    1. Thank you very much, yeah she is a bit of a tomboy but she does also love dresses and makeup as in my previous post. She has loads of energy and that’s with out chocolate or sweets so i would hate to see her on a sugar high.

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