A Blanket Of Love

We all love our children, Well most of the time when they’re not throwing a tantum in the middle of the supermarket or drawing on the walls.

When they aren’t doing naughty things they have the ability to melt our hearts and we, in return cover them in a blanket of love. Sometimes literally.

As you all know we have a little baby on the way and the lovely people at Bizzi Growin sent out one of their luxury Koochicoo blankets for us. As our baby is not here yet and Sophia is so I put it to good use. She loves to snuggle and the Koochicoo is perfect for it. It’s fluffy, warm, cuddly, fun and really well made. It is definitely a luxury blanket.

It seems that every one is made with love like they are Bizzi Growin’s babies. You would be able to use them to swaddle your little one and they can be used for older children too which I have proved.

The blanket is super soft which is great for new-born babies. Their skin is so delicate and soft you need to be careful. Other blankets you get from the high street can be scratchy or hard against the skin which is not good for your baby.

Also the pom-poms on the edge of the blanket create a fun way for your baby to play and interact. Sophia even twisted them around with her fingers before falling asleep.

The size is quite generous with it being 100cm wide and long so there will be no issue with your child outgrowing it quickly. It can still cover Sophia completely! I must admit Sophia does like to put over her head and pretend she is the yeti from Monsters Inc.

We all love the blanket over at The Opinionated dad HQ and if Bizzi Growin made a luxury robe from the same material I wouldn’t wear anything else.

So when your little one is chilly on a cold night cover them with a blanket of love. Koochicoo


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