Teaching Sophia To Ride A Bike

A little while back we bought Sophia a new bike. She did have one before but it was a second-hand rust bucket. We felt that now she is getting older she needs to learn how to ride a bike.

We went to Halfords and got ourselves a bargain. The new bike was also as a treat for summer riding.

She was so excited when we told her what she was getting and even waiting at the window when I got back from picking it up. She was over the moon. She hadn’t really bothered that much with her old bike but she enjoyed sitting on it while we pushed her around. With this new one she wouldn’t even get on it because it wobbled. We had to constantly reassure her that the stabilizers are their to stop it from falling over so it doesn’t matter if she wobbles on it. It took a few attempts but she finally got on it.

Next came the hard bit, trying to teach her to peddle. We don’t have bikes ourselves to demonstrate properly so we had to hold her feet on the peddles and move them around. She wasn’t too keen on this method but it did help a lot. She will now peddle but with only one foot. She refuses to use both feet to push down on the peddles for some strange reason.

She is still learning as we all are everyday and if you have any tips that might help me to help Sophia then please leave a comment and let me know.

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