Ben Sherman – Totally Pants Or Knock Your Socks Off

Being the ripe old age of 30, I am at an age now where all the things I found boring as a child now has the ability to get me excited. I’m talking pants!

No, Wait! I’m not talking pants, I’m talking about pants. Well, I mean underwear in general. Over the last month or two I decided to give my underwear draw a complete overhaul. I literally threw out around 15 pairs of socks and 10 pairs of boxers ?

After my ruthless removal of what I thought was just excess undies turned out to be pretty much all my undies.

Luckily the lifesavers from sent me out a package of Ben Sherman boxers and socks before I had to go commando and sockless. ?

2 pack of blue/black boxers
3 pack of blue/black patterned socks

Needless to say, I opened them up as soon as they arrived and put a pair of boxers on and a pair of socks. I didn’t know what to expect because I normally just stick to cheap budget undies. Afterall no one sees them. They are the softest and most comfortable undies I have ever worn. The proof is definitely in the pudding with these. The quality is top-notch! You really do get what you pay for!

The boxers are the type that have the button up fly. Those always annoy me because they always seem to come undone randomly which could cause a rather embarrassing scenario or two. Luckily for everyone I don’t walk around in just my boxers. However these actually stay done up! Woo hoo! Finally buttons that work. I can’t explain how happy that makes me.

At least I have no need to go commando again ?

Head on over to to get your hands on some. They would make a great gift for birthdays, christmas and fathers day.


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