A Very Strange And Horrific Smell ?

The other day I had put some food in the oven to cook (obviously). I think it was chips and maybe some burgers. It started to smell really nice.

Everything was going great until I went into the kitchen to check on the food. I didn’t burn it before you start thinking that!

As I went out there I got a faint whiff of a very strange smell, It was a bit like plastic burning. I had the back door open and initially I thought someone was having a fire and stupidly put plastic on it.

We then shut the door and continued the cooking. Being careful not to burn it. The smell was getting stronger. It must be coming from inside the house.

I went into panic mode as I know that fumes from plastic burning can be toxic. With little Sophia running around the last thing I wanted was her to be exposed to the fumes. I reopened the door and opened and a window so the breeze could help air out the house and move the fumes outside.

Anyway moving on we had our dinner and the smell was still there. After eating I went sniffing around the kitchen like a hound, I wasn’t on all fours but that would have made for an interesting picture, I managed to pin the smell down to a cupboard between our fridge and the cooker. However my immediate thought was that the smell was coming from the cooker. Did I burn something in there? Did something fall in the vent and burn? The answer to both of those was a big fat no. I then moved onto the fridge. I stuck my nose behind it and got a big waft of the smell.

Now that I thought I knew the source I pulled the fridge out and turned it off before sniffing all around it. Again nothing. I put the fridge back and did the same with the oven. Bingo! It was the oven. It was coming from the power terminal at the back.

I turned the electric off at the trip switch and uncovered the terminal. It was melted. There must have been some arcing with the neutral wire to create heat and cause it to melt.

I ordered a replacement online which arrived in a few days. I was impressed with this. Also I was determined to repair it myself. I didn’t want to fork out £100+ for an electrician to replace a part that is very simple to do. I called a friend who is also a qualified electrician to watch what I do and I passed. The cooker was repaired.

We now have a fully working cooker again. We can now bake more cakes as a family.

*Please note dealing with electronics / mains power source is a very dangerous thing. DO NOT follow or do what I have described and please seek help from a qualified electrician.

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