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Hello Mums, Dads and everyone in between. ?

Last week Jen had booked for us to go and watch ‘War for the planet of the apes’ (Great film by the way). While we were there eating our hotdogs the trailers started playing and I saw the trailer for the new film ‘Dunkirk’.

All I can say is wow! That film looks like it is going to be epic. I love all historical war films like that.

Seeing that trailer put me in the mood for something historical. That something was Airfix. I used to make Airfix models as a child and seeing the trailer basically gave me flashbacks. An 8-year-old me sat up the table with a little kit painting and glueing everything trying to get it as close to the image on the box as possible.

Enough of the flashbacks let’s get back to the here and now.

Airfix being the kind people they are sent me a small selection of Kits both for me and Sophia.

These are the Quick build kits they sent:

Messerschmitt and Spitfire

I love that they now do easier kits for children. The Quick build kits. They assemble like Lego and they yield great results fast. The Quick build kits are for children aged 5+ due to small parts so please bare that in mind.

With Sophia only being 2 (She’s very close to 3 now) I obviously supervised and helped her build the planes. She had a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt. They both look amazing. It was such a great bonding time to spend a little bit of time out of our normal routine and do something creative together. I would definitely recommend these to any parents!

I love how quick she picked up being able to build them herself. She can quite competently pull them apart and rebuild them! I think she is going to be a mechanic when she grows up.

Now for the big boys toys:

Messerschmitt and Spitfire

These are the starter kits for the same planes. It’s amazing how difficult they can be in comparison. These are the types of ones I did as a kid. While trying to build these I kept thinking how hard they are and I used to be able to do them fairly easily when I was younger. I bet I’m just out of practice.

These kits are for children 8+ so needless to say I did these alone and didn’t let Sophia anywhere near them. They are my babies! (WARNING! These kits are addictive when you start I even neglected Jenny for a few hours on 2 occasions while I made these. Why does she love me?)

I took my time and tried to be as careful as possible. I made sure each part would fit before trying to glue them together. Bare in mind the glue is a poly cement which actually melts the plastic parts together slightly to create the bond. This can cause some loss in detail as you will see on the cockpit of my Spitfire.

Look at all that detail!

I Managed to complete the Spitfire in two nights (Sorry Jen) and I am still trying to get the Messerschmitt to look good painted.

I find using the brush can cause some of the detail to be lost and if you are looking for perfection then I recommend using an airbrush. I don’t have one myself but I have seen YouTube videos and the results are phenomenal.

I am thinking of getting some more kits and take a lot more time on them. (Sorry again Jen) and see if I can get them looking perfect.

Have a look on my social media to  see more pictures of the planes. Thank you for reading this.

I was sent the Airfix kits in exchange for an honest review.

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